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Classic Auto Resoration
Restorations by Collision Center of LubbockRestorations by Collision Center of Lubbock.

1951 Ford F1 Truck
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Ford F1 Restoration

1972 Chevrolet Cheyenne Super
1972 Chevrolet Cheyenne Super Restoration
 1972 Chevrolet Cheyenne Super
1972 International Scout 2
 1972 International Scout Restoration


1953 Buick Super
 1953 Buick Super Restoration


1963 MGA
 MGA Restoration


1972 Ford F-100

1968 Ford Mustang Photo

What You Need To Know About Custom Auto Restoration from Collision Center of Lubbock. So... you found a gem and she’s a real beauty, but time has knocked off a little of her luster. Consider professional auto restoration for your vehicle. Even if you’re handy and thinking you might want to do some of the work yourself, custom auto painters can restore your car to its original condition and often far better. A skilled professional can make even the most dilapidated vehicle super beautiful with a gorgeous paint job that makes it shine line a new penny. The quality of work you can expect to receive results from equipment, treatments and techniques that the average Do-It-Yourself er simply can’t recreate. So whether you have a show wining classic or the vintage left in your grandfather’s garage, a custom auto restoration may be just what the doctor orders. There are several things to consider when shopping for custom auto painters. One way to quickly discern the caliber of work a shop is producing is to ask if they restore show cars. While there is no guarantee, a shop dedicated to vintage car restorations and classic car restoration is more likely to be customer driven and invested in satisfying their customers. They will usually have extensive pictures of work they have done, cataloguing in great detail each phase of the restoration. Photo journals of their previous projects are a useful indicator of the stand of work you can expect. Good custom auto painters often develop long standing relationships with their clients and much of their business is by referral from other satisfied customer. Reputation is key when seeking out a shop for your restoration, so take your time and do your homework. Classic car restoration, as well as vintage car restorations are big ticket investments in your vehicle so you want to be very clear about what methods your restorer will use. The three primary areas of restoration will be to repair upholstery, remove rust, and replace paint. Be sure to ask specific question about each of these restoration processes as there are wide variations of methods for all three. With upholstery you want to mainly watch the stitching and replacement of the fabric as part of the seat reassembly. Professionals will often have had thousands of hours of experience and can replace the fabric effortless, but armatures will leave buckling that’s functional, but infinitely annoying. A major concern for restoration is rust removal. Rust is often one of the hardest things to deal with when restoring the body of a car. Good restorers will often actually cut out large portions of rust with a steel saw and replace the area with a new piece of metal, by welding it in place and then sanding it down to a smooth finish. Replacement is sometimes preferable to repair because stubborn rust spots are prone to bleed out after a period of time. Small rust areas can be treated with commercial rust products to retard the process and some claim to actually transform the rust by applying puddy like compound on top of the rust before painting, but for larger areas of rust it is often wise to replace the metal when possible. If rust is a problem on the frame or the bumper, there are sophisticated chemical acid products that eat away rust. Restorers will thoroughly sandblast the frame or metal bumper and then submerge into the chemical batter to remove rust. Frames and bumpers can also be dipped into liquid chrome to give a shiny new coat to the metal, returning it to its original, if not better, condition. Talk with your restorer about their approach options and decide which is most cost effective for you. The big payoff of professional restoration is the amazing paint job you get with the restoration. Budget shops will often restore 1 or 2 thin coats of paint to bring back an even color on the vehicle, but a good custom restorer will apply upwards to 5+ coats of thin skillfully layered premium paint that will make your vehicle stand out and grab notice. An excellent paint job is beautiful to everyone and even the untrained eye will appreciate the work of an excellent paint restoration. Ask your restorer about their paint process. They will be able to explain the details of their paint preparations system. Many shops will use high pressure air to sandblast the body of the car to remove loose dirt, rust and peeling paint. The air may also include small particles of abrasions to sandblast the surfaces. Once sandblasted the surface is primed and cured before applying paint. Careful preparation is the secret to beautiful painted finish. Premium paint will ensure higher shine and durability so you won't have to repeat the process. Poor quality paint will fade easily in the sun and dull over time. A professional shop will have ventilated spray booths that will protect your car from dust particles settling on the paint and also will reduce drying time by reducing humidity and allowing the paint to cure fully. Ask your restorer about the clear coat sealing and what products and method they he recommends for maintenance. When looking for professional auto painters the best reference is always word-of-mouth. If you are looking for recommendations, auto clubs are a great resource for information. Club members, who own cars similar to your own, can offer valuable advice and recommendations. If you are in the southwestern part of the country, and are looking for classic car painting in Texas, go see Collision Center of Lubbock. They have been in the business for years and have made their reputation of restoring show wining cars. Classic car painting in Texas is a craft that Collision Center of Lubbock has elevated to a science. You can entrust your vehicle to them knowing your car is being restored by the best! • Classic Auto Restoration Services